First Step

Relax! Your first 24 hours home should not be focused on getting out of the Halfway House or even finding a job. Breathe. This is the freedom you have been waiting for. Take a walk and look around. See the wonderful things that have been going on while you were away.  It is important to learn how to embrace the new experience we are about to embark on. We do not want to waste a second stressing because it will only distract us from celebrating our freedom.

Second Step

You've completed your first night on the other side and now it is time to check what is in your tool box. You are required to have some form of identification. It can be a birth certificate, social security card, or Pennsylvania Identification Card. If you do not have any of these, your next step will be to contact us and we will assist you.

Third Step

If you have completed the First and Second steps then you are ready to get started. Reach out  and have a conversation about moving forward, check out our resources or visit our forms page and complete any that are necessary for you.