For most ex-offenders, the presence of a positive role model is completely absent.  It can be difficult for ex-offenders reentering society to hold down a job, pay bills on time, or resolve family conflicts in a healthy way when these skills have never been modeled for them.  The support of a mentor can play a key role in an ex-offender’s successful return to society by providing advice and accountability.  Individuals can meet one on one with mentor and also attend a weekly 90-minute group session. In the group settling client are provided a mentoring journal that guides them through 16 weeks of a selected topics that address current day challenges for those newly released.

B.A.R.S is a mentoring prevention program for MEN which strives to advance individuals and help reach their highest potential. We do this through intensive life coaching which focuses on character development, proper goal setting, understanding personal aims and converting them into realistic, progressive goals. Our mission statement is simple: We build upon an individual’s achievements, and in partnership, we help to raise standards and enrich the quality of life for our members.  We do not re-invent the wheel, we simply help engage individuals to steer them on the right course.  Our life coaching combats the barriers to advancement that has barred many individuals from their highest aptitude. B.A.R.S. is designed to destroy the cycle of generational hopelessness in our disproportionate community.

Standards for Success a key component within the B.A.R.S Program (Building Achievements & Raising Standards), serves to appropriately dress and groom successful ex offenders. A first impression speaks volumes to potential employers. We strive to create sharp dressed, well groomed men, giving them the resources to represent themselves with confidence and professionalismas they enter the workforce for interviews and or employment. B.A.R.S. Program is now acceptingmen’s business suits and separates. Please contact Timothy White, Program Coordinator, for donation submissions.

Join one of our Weekly Ex-Offender Mentoring Group
This group is made up of ex-offenders and facilitated by Successful Ex-offenders like Timothy White, Marsha Banks, Vladimir Beaufilsand and others.


We're always looking for business attire donations!

Housing Assistance

Financial support is offered to individuals in need of a home plan or those who are currently placed and in need of some financial support due to unforeseen circumstances. This is an income based program so individuals must provide proof of income. Financial support can be provided for 1-6 months. Case Manager will work one-on-one with client to create a goal plan for becoming self sufficient. Participants will meet with case manager regularly to review topics like, understanding your rights as a tenant, the importance of budgeting, how to activate utility services, opening checking accounts and gaining access to local resources that will aid in their goals for self sufficiency.  

(BCC Referral is required for this service) For all other housing referrals, please contact office for more information. 

Transitional Living Support

We're committed to supporting women as they transition from various stages of life. We respond to the individual needs of those seeking assistance with their housing needs. Safe and secure housing is a top priority for those transitioning from incarceration and or other temporary dwellings. Our house has four (4) bedrooms-2 doubles and 2 singles (2) bathrooms, kitchen, living room/dining room (common) areas. We are hoping to be a resource for women seeking to find safe, secure, and supportive living. THIS IS A DRUG-FREE & SMOKE-FREE FACILITY


Family Reunification Support ~ Individual or Group Support

12-week Certificate Program

"Inside Out Dad" & "Understanding Dad" curriculum is used to aid in the mending of relationships due to the absent parent. Family involvement is highly encouraged.

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention ~ Individual & Group Support

12-week certificate program

(Program is currently being restructured)

Circle of Confident Women

Understanding the struggle of overcoming past mistakes that may have led to criminal or addictive behaviors is a challenge. The group facilitator leads topic focused discussions and supports peer to peer mentoring for those who have overcome barriers and achieved successful transitions in current life experiences. These topics include but are not limited to returning home after incarceration, regaining custody of children in placement and maintaining recovery after treatment.

Ladies First

Ladies First is a after school program in the Harrisburg School District serving Mondays at Camp Curtin Academy and Fridays at Rowland whichprovides education, support, and training to these young ladies; who seek to be empowered and supported as they experience various cultural changes of becoming a  young women. The Girls Circle model is used for this after school program.