Marsha R. Banks, MHS

Executive Director

Marsha R. Banks is a mother, motivator, a catalyst of change, and an inspiration to women seeking to transform their lives and unveil the miracle within them. She is the founder of Amiracle4sure, Inc., a flourishing ministry that’s focuses on renewing, refreshing, and restoring life with women whose lives have been impacted by negative experiences. Marsha believes that everyone has the opportunity to breathe new life into their lives even when they have made mistakes along the way. She encourages and empowers women to look within and see who they really are, what they can become, and how they can experience the life they truly deserve regardless of their past mistakes.

Her career as an educator, counselor, and mentor is founded upon the belief that everyone can live the life divinely intended for them and she helps women find healing from past hurts as she guides them through the transformation. Marsha’s vision for Amiracle4sure emerged from past experiences. As a child she witnessed and experienced various levels of abuse. Becoming a young mother without any knowledge of child rearing, she sought for love in all the wrong places. Trapped in an abusive marriage for 10 years she turned to drugs and ended in prison where she served 3 years. Her transformation started on the inside, learning to start with forgiving self and then allowing God to work through the rest, she found solace in knowing the God had a plan for her future. After discovering how to create a map for her own life, she wanted to share her experience and knowledge with women with similar life experiences.

It has since become Marsha’s mission to help women believe, create, and attain their intended life dreams. She uses mentoring to fulfill this mission, along with ministry, consulting, and speaking opportunities. Marsha has been home for 15 years now and she has taken these skills to prisons, rehabilitation facilities, and churches with the intention of educating communities on the needs of this population. She has successfully trained and empowered professionals interested in working in reentry practices. Marsha’s commitment to helping others restore their lives after incarceration is evident by her community involvement. She graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College, Lebanon Valley College in Annville, and Capella University in Minnesota; earning two degrees in Human Services and one in Sociology. She believes the knowledge gained in these areas enables her to serve others.

As an advocate for reformation, Marsha brings her “expert by experience” to the table of various community organizations. She sits on the Executive Board for the Capital Region Ex-Offenders Coalition, facilitates the Successful Ex-Offenders Support Group for Dauphin County, co-trainer and facilitator for Healing Communities Training, Parent Advisory Board Member of Uplift, Inc, and Task Force Member for Pa State Parole Initiative. When she isn’t working, Marsha enjoys leading in Praise and Worship at Camp Hill United Methodist Church, weekend retreats with her three sisters, and many family outings with her eight children and nine grandchildren.