Successful Ex-offender, Mentor, Life Coach


Timothy White creator of B.A.R.S program to find a better way to reach youth before they throw their lives away by thinking they are doing the right thing. He is a  30 year old man born in Philadelphia who relocated to Harrisburg in 1997 after his mother’s three year jail sentence. During her sentence, all eight of her kids were in Foster Care . As the oldest of five boys and three girls, Timothy learned first hand the qualities and expectation of leadership. In 2002, he graduated from Harrisburg High and by November of 2003 he was heading to Camp Hill Prison to serve a 5 Yr Sentence. He was released in 2008 and set a life changing five year plan in motion.

In prison he learned so much about myself and life which is why he proclaim himself to be a life coach much more than a mentor. In Harrisburg many programs have failed because they have not had the ‘’in life’’ training necessary to help these young men who are making these wrong decisions unsure of the reasoning behind their acts. B.A.R.S program was also his response in being denied the ability to mentor their youth due to his felony history. Timothy thinks if anyone should be helping these young men it should bea man that has been through the system and is now a living success story.